Vanessa A. Lefler

Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
Middle Tennessee State University
Peck Hall Room 209, MTSU PO Box 29
Murfreesboro, TN 37132



Bargain Shopping for Peace? Strategies in Interstate Conflict Management. Project Summary, Abstract

Chapter 1 - Introduction. Chapter Summary, Abstract

Chapter 2 - Literature Review: The Rationalist Conflict Bargaining Model and Finding Acceptable Fora. Chapter Summary, Abstract

Chapter 3 - Bargain Shopping: A Strategic Model of Forum Selection in Conflict Management. Chapter Summary, Abstract

Bargain Shopping for Peace? A Model of Transparency and Expectations about Third-Party Settlements. Abstract Bullet2 Download

Chapter 4 - Setting up Shop: An Experimental Analysis of Strategic Forum Selection. Chapter Summary, Abstract

Setting Up Shop: An Experimental Analysis of Transparency and Expectations in Conflict Management. Abstract Bullet2 Download

Chapter 5 - Conclusions. Chapter Summary, Abstract

Under Review

Trading Effectiveness for Acceptability: The (Dis)Use of Formal International Organizations in Interstate Conflict Management. Revise and Resubmit. Abstract Bullet2 Download

UN Security Council Nonpermanent Membership: Equitable Distribution for Equitable Representation?, with Brian Lai. Abstract Bullet2 Download

Designing Peace-Making Mechanisms: Transparency and Conflict Management Forum Shopping. In preparation. Abstract

Working Papers

Systemic Alliance Reliability and Incentives to Make New Commitments, with Kelly M. Kadera. Abstract

State Sovereignty and Delegation to International Institutions: Patterns of Authority. Abstract